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There was a time when my life was filled with boardrooms, deadlines, to-do lists and high heels. Career progression left less room to satisfy my rather large appetite for life.  So much to discover – places to go – things to do – boundaries to push.  So in 2008 I tottered out of the office, ditched the high heels, breathed in the enormity of opportunities and possibilities, breathed out and got involved.  Aiming toujours for balance and synchronicity in a chaotic world. Still breathing with the corners of my mouth upturned and a spring in my step. Riding the waves of life and passionate to share what I’ve learned along the way.


Here’s Becs moto…. “it’s all about BALANCE”. Finding balance in our lives, is a moment to moment challenge. Balance in work, financial life, social life and quality of life – health, fitness and emotional life – intellectual growth and creative expression – character building values, beliefs and purpose – relationships, love, parenting and getting along with our self and others.  There’s an inherent motivation to be balanced in all of us.  That, I embrace wholeheartedly.

Looking to the natural world helps me to find that steadiness.  Nature in the changing seasons illustrates beautifully the cycle of balance and synchronicity amidst ever changing forces from the elements.  And so I live seasonally – to experience life alongside natures gift – to bloom when it blooms and calm down when it’s still – to adapt, learn and grow, to respect the process, to try, to fall and to get up again – to ride the ever changing tide of life and be a more balanced individual.  One that moves better, feels better and lives better.  


Snowboarding is my first love – spending my twenties developing my skills and passion for riding big snow covered mountains.  Feeling the effects of snowboarding on my body I turned to yoga to help keep me strong and flexible and address the feeling of being in a minor car crash each day – Oh how stiff and physically unbalanced I was! Yoga became a regular practice and, to my surprise, offered so much more than a physical work-out.  Yoga introduced me to an equally powerful work-in. One that offers energetic support, valuable insight and a whole new adventure into the world of self-discovery.  All this derived from pulling shapes with proper breathing, concentration and mindfulness.Having a yoga practice is a great tool for finding balance and feeling ready for anything – this I am passionate about and nothing delights me more than sharing the gifts of yoga throughout the seasons. So come to yoga class – It’s great when we get together for real.

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