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Sometimes I feel like throwing my feet up in the air! In these parts you can always count on views. Feels great to stretch the legs on long mountain hikes and breathe in the cool fresh air. Feels good to stretch my mind too. Pondering while hiking. Observing the impact we have on our natural surroundings. Stomping around and leaving our mark in the form of erosion, destruction, construction and disruption. Season to season I can’t help but notice changes to our mountain environment. In the Alps the glaciers are sick. The cycle of seasons are less predictable year on year. Snow levels aren’t thrilling and artificial snow making is high on the agenda. Thats just from a powder hounds perspective… Surfers have plenty to tell of our oceans too. We take more carbon from Earth than we can replace. Tapping from all our natural resources. Deforestation, industry, consumerism, waste. And despite carbon offset efforts it remains unsustainable. Our modern age footprint is real. Seems that we are trampling all over Earth and interfering with its natural cycles of balance. We all play our part in this. Albeit some more than others. We are dumb if we don’t realise and even dumber if we don’t care. We are powerful beings which is great but we are addicted to power which is irresponsible. We have developed a super dependence on...

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Meditation Explained

What is Meditation? Meditation is an exercise of the mind. Our heads are constantly processing a lifetime of information derived from our memories, perceptions, experiences, sensory knowledge, beliefs and familiar understandings and thoughts. All this processed along with our day to day activities makes for a very busy mind.  Left uninterrupted we can get duped and complicate our lives unnecessarily. Meditation is an exercise in being uncomplicated for a short period of time.  Stretching our mind to ignore the jumble and relaxing it to be simply aware of the present – moment to moment. Through meditation we can experience a quality or state of being called ‘pure presence’.  A quality to experience like joy or pain. A state of being the is available for everybody to feel calm steady and alert.  Quite the opposite of emptying the mind – Meditation is more like taming the mind. It sounds so simple but in fact it’s really difficult!  I regularly getting sucked into a web of nonsense and thought tangents which get in the way of present awareness.  But that’s why I keep practicing because the more I use my mind in this way the stronger and more flexible it becomes.  Just like the muscles in my body. But unlike exercising muscles, the benefits of meditation are often not immediately felt or understood. This can make it difficult to justify the effort and practice...

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7 Reasons to go on a Mountain Yoga Retreat

  1. Stress Management Stress builds mountains.  Plateaus, volcanoes,  fold mountains all formed by stress to the earths crust. We, like the mountains, also experience stress that has the power to shape us. Our stress responses are felt emotionally and physically all to different degrees.  While stress is a necessary component in achieving great things or just getting stuff done, it seems pretty clear that unmanaged stress and tension is distorting our health. So let’s embrace stress in a way that it shapes us in positive way! It’s worth remembering that while STRESS is inevitable, TENSION need not be. Most of us aren’t aware how much residual tension we hold onto, but it’s there….. maybe in our posture, breathing, habits, thought patterns, behaviours… We always have the power to let go of tensions and rebalance the effects of stress. There are so many simple ways to detach from the stress which encourage us to be calm and simply in the present. Attached to Nothing – Connected to Everything So simple but the difficulty comes in permitting or disciplining ourselves to do it. A mountain yoga retreat supports us in learning personal wellness tools that we can continue to apply long after the retreat.  Enabling you to mirror the qualities of a mountain – strong stable and immovable. Able to apply your ‘Mountain Mind’ anytime you need to take time out...

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How to make the Festive Season work for you – Winter Wellness

Hello Winter! December is here bringing the beginning of winter (in the northern hemisphere), the festivities of Yule, the opening of ski resorts, the closing of another annual cycle and a cue for nature to rest. Winter Outlook Mirror the qualities of nature this winter to stay energised and in-sync.  Plant life retreats underground sustained only from the roots. Snow covers the high ground like a winter blanket and the natural world is on recharge. With winter comes the cold. The the sun stays low in the sky and natures buzz subsides. Water is the element that best represents the energy of Winter.  Mirror the qualities of water to stay balanced this winter.  Calm, reflective, flowing with ease and always finding a level no matter what obstacles get in the way. During this season it’s vital that we rest up, nurture ourselves and recharge our energy stores readying ourselves for the next cycle of seasons.  Since this may contradict with your December social calendar take some time around the winter solstice to pause tune inwards for some mindful reflection. December is a busy month. Make this one to remember.   Here are some festive tips to avoid feeling frazzled under the mistletoe.  5 Daily Winter Rituals 1. Tis the season of generosity, kindness and compassion.  Start by being kind and compassionate to yourself.  Be to yourself how you are to...

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Yoga for skiers and snowboarders: introducing SNOWGA

If you think Snowboarding and Skiing are the cheese then you need to know that Yoga is the wine. Like a fine cheese and wine combo, yoga offers snowsports a match made in shred heaven. Whether you’re a pro, a seasonnaire or a week-a-year snow warrior, yoga can see to your every need.  Being a yoga teacher and an avid snowboarder based in the French Alps I take great delight in blending and sharing my two passions in the form of SNOWGA. Snowga is a style of Yoga developed to compliment the needs of skiers and snowboarders whether that be pre-season training in preparation for winter, or pre-shred mobilization and warmups or post-shred lengthening and decompression and much more. Teaching Snowga for almost 10 years I have seen and experienced how powerful the partnership can be. Most professional skiers and riders practice yoga and not just for the obvious physical benefits – Yoga takes it a step further than most workout styles with tools to balance energy levels, to support ourselves psychologically and to achieve our goals on the snow. Yoga for skiers and snowboarders – the benefits Here are 7 ways yoga can compliment your shred Improve your balance and co-ordination skills which goes to support the very essence of skiing and snowboarding – Balance in motion. Strengthen and lengthen the key muscles that are overworked and overloaded by...

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