Author: Bec Black

OM – A Vibrational Mantra – Good vibes

Om is a vibrational mantra that mirrors the universal pulse since the start of time. It seems that ancient yogis already understood what scientists know today….that the entire universe and everything within it is in a constant state of motion. Moving all the time. Everything vibrates, pulsates, rotates and quivers on a micro and macro level, creating a rhythmic cycle of vibration.  The heat and light of the suns rays, the ebb and flow of the tides, our beating hearts, the changing seasons, our voice, our sight, our essence all generated from vibrations of wave-like frequency……. Reminding us that the only constant in life is change. Challenging us to find a steadiness from which we can adapt, grow, learn and ride the waves of life. Clever old yogis acknowledged all this with the resonating sound of Om……..   Go on try it!  Big inhale and make these sounds as the lungs empty   <AU> empty the lower lungs <O> empty the middle of lungs <MM> empty the upper lungs Mantras are sound vibrations that resonate with the mind replacing your usual crazy mind patterns while you chant or listen in other words deeply calming. Perhaps even rattling the subconscious into making you think, do or say things that contribute to the sentiment of the mantra.  We often listen to this in yoga class while we practice – Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu  it means...

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Salute to the sun

You don’t need to be an ardent yogi to do sun salutations – Practiced regularly they bring a wealth of health and fitness benefits and raise energy levels making you FEEL GOOD.  Many yoga postures mirror the natural world (Cat, Tree, Mountain, Eagle) and a sun salutation is no different. This is the theme: Imagine a miniature sun radiating from your solar plexus as you journey around the mat – lifting and lowering as you go like the perpetual rising and setting sun (the movement) Embrace the immense relevance of the sun with its life giving power to sustain our natural world, acknowledge its powerful presence since the start of time (the salute) As a workout this sequence works the body in a balanced way – the spine is mobilized – our major muscles are lengthened – neck and shoulder tension is relieved – all while building strength using our own body weight.  Add to this proper breathing as you move through the sequence and you optimise the impact on a chemical level and boost the function of our internal systems (cardiovascular / endocrine / respiratory / digestive/  nervous systems etc).  And add concentration with aloha intention and the effects are enhanced beyond the cells and into the engine of thoughts, emotions and feelings – the mind. Which brings the mind back to primate basics and over time cultivates awareness...

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