If you think Snowboarding and Skiing are the cheese then you need to know that Yoga is the wine. Like a fine cheese and wine combo, yoga offers snowsports a match made in shred heaven.

Whether you’re a pro, a seasonnaire or a week-a-year snow warrior, yoga can see to your every need.  Being a yoga teacher and an avid snowboarder based in the French Alps I take great delight in blending and sharing my two passions in the form of SNOWGA.

Snowga is a style of Yoga developed to compliment the needs of skiers and snowboarders whether that be pre-season training in preparation for winter, or pre-shred mobilization and warmups or post-shred lengthening and decompression and much more.

Teaching Snowga for almost 10 years I have seen and experienced how powerful the partnership can be.

Most professional skiers and riders practice yoga and not just for the obvious physical benefits – Yoga takes it a step further than most workout styles with tools to balance energy levels, to support ourselves psychologically and to achieve our goals on the snow.

Yoga for Skiers and Snowboarders

Yoga for skiers and snowboarders – the benefits

Here are 7 ways yoga can compliment your shred

  1. Improve your balance and co-ordination skills which goes to support the very essence of skiing and snowboarding – Balance in motion.
  2. Strengthen and lengthen the key muscles that are overworked and overloaded by a day on the hill to minimise injury fatigue and cramp and develop stamina so you can ride harder for longer.
  3. Learn proper use of your core muscles to stabilise the spine and develop your agility so you can adapt your skills to shred varied terrain in variable conditions and bail while avoiding injury
  4. Help you improve your focus, concentration and spacial awareness and manage your fears so you can keep a steady head while you challenge yourself, perform tricks, risk assess, gauge features and conditions, pick your lines and keep yourself safe in the mountain wilds.
  5. Mobilize the spine, hips and shoulders and stabilise the knees to enable you to ski and board fluidly and keep progressing your skills whatever your level.
  6. Become more in tune with how you feel on any given day and learn how to integrate your body and mindset to improve how you ride.
  7. Help us collaborate with our natural environment with improved sensory awareness to get the most out of our ride time. Since snowboarding and skiing are very sensory sports yoga helps us with the skills required to sense, adapt and absorb what’s dictated by the terrain and conditions.

Warning side effects of doing yoga for skiers and snowboarders.

  • You may turn into an awe inspired nature hippie being distracted by the view, natural features, wildlife and skyscape. But there’s no harm in building an awareness and appreciation of our natural environment.
  • You miss happy hour being so immersed in the moment that you embody your shred and are completely oblivious to the time….

To do yoga at home CLICK HERE and check out the Snowga Winter Warmer series – 10min sessions suitable for pre-season training and pre-shred warm ups.

Do a combo of 2 or 3 to get the best benefit.