Mountains of Stress

Stress builds mountains.  Plateaus, volcanoes,  fold mountains all formed by stress to the earths crust.

We, like the mountains, also experience stress that has the power to shape us.

Our stress responses are felt emotionally and physically all to different degrees.  While stress is a necessary component in achieving great things or just getting stuff done, it seems pretty clear that unmanaged stress and tension is distorting our health.

So let’s embrace stress in a way that it shapes us in positive way.

The ability to detach periodically delivers a Ctrl Alt Delete effect from which we come back more efficient, brighter, energised and more capable despite the stresses.

Choosing an organised yoga retreat holiday allows you to relax back and detangle while ALL your needs are met. Optimize with a nature immersion amongst stress-formed mountains and retreat to wilderness space for a super stabilising impression.

Retreat in Winter and Spring to combine the zen with the adventures of snow sports.  Retreat in Summer and Autumn to explore the mountain peaks and valleys and everything in between.

Mountains on my Mind

While mountains are my absolute favorite place to retreat to it is not necessary to go anywhere to destress yourself!

It’s worth remembering that while STRESS is inevitable, TENSION need not be.

Most of us aren’t aware how much residual tension we hold onto, but it’s there….. maybe in our posture, breathing, habits, thought patterns, behaviours…

We always have the power to let go of tensions and rebalance the effects of stress.

This can be so simple:

  • take a few moments to close your eyes, relax your neck and shoulders, breathe and feel steady between commitments or on commutes
  • enjoy a calm soak in the bath after a day on your feet
  • take time-out in nature soaking up natures vibes – BBQ, picnic, activities, sports
  • do something you love that gives you a release – yoga, singing, dancing, painting, gardening, slacklining, writing, biking, skating, playing guitar…etc
  • learn something new

There are so many simple ways to detach from the stress.  It can be for just be 30 minutes with intention of being

Attached to Nothing – Connected to Everything

So simple but the difficulty comes in permitting or disciplining ourselves to do it.  Try to cultivate an attitude with immovable stable commitment. Mirror the qualities of a mountain with your approach and developn your mountain mind – strong stable and immovable when it comes to taking time out to destress.

Once we recognise the value of the importance of routine de-stressing practices we become better able to choose when to step away and detangle and when and how to keep on keeping on.

Mountain yoga retreats are great way to experience the value; to experience the stabilising power of nature, yoga and healthy mountain living. You leave from a retreat immersion having learned tools to destress on our own and feeling motivated to monitor and manage our stress-levels going forward.

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