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About Balance Bec (Rebecca Black)

There was a time when my life was filled with boardrooms, deadlines and high heels.  Career progression left less room to satisfy my growing appetite for life. So much to discover – places to go – things to do – boundaries to push.

So in 2008 I tottered out of the office, ditched the high heels, breathed in the enormity of opportunities and possibilities, breathed out and got consciously involved in the ride of life.

Over a decade has passed and I am passionate to share what I’ve learned along the way. 

I am a yoga teacher, a lover of mountains + mountain sports, an adventurer, a ponderer. I invite you to come yoga with me.

“It’s all about BALANCE”

Finding balance and harmony in our lives, is a moment to moment challenge.  Balance in work, in social life and quality of life.

So much is in the balance! Health and fitness – intellectual growth – creative expression – emotional life – family life – spiritual life – values – relationships with ourselves, each other and the world around us.  There are so many variables to challenge us – all the while underpinned with discoveries of our true nature beyond our flesh and bones.

It sure makes for a wild ride in ‘project Balance’!

Looking to the natural world helps me to find a steadiness.  

Nature through the seasons has no shortage of cycles of balance and synchronicity. Nature is all about Balance.

And so I live seasonally – in the French Alps – to experience life alongside natures gifts – to bloom when it blooms and calm down when it’s still – to adapt, learn and grow, to respect the process, to try, to fall a lot and find ways to thrive as a more balanced individual

 Bec’s YOGA Influences

Snowboarding was my first love but I felt the strain on my body. So I turned to YOGA to improve my flexibility and manage my aches and pains.

There I discovered how physically unbalanced I was.  I was REALLY stiff + limited in many yoga postures!  Yoga became a regular practice and provided the physical therapy I needed to gain the flexibility, strength and agility that I lacked. And, to my surprise, I gained so much more than a physical work-out.

Yoga introduced me to an equally powerful work-in. One that offers mental clarity, stress management, energetic support, valuable insight and a whole new adventure into the world of self-awareness and conscious living.

I am Scottish, but born and raised abroad. Scotland became home when I moved there aged 16.  So in addition to my Scottish heritage, I am strongly influenced by other cultures and practices having lived between Holland, the Middle East and Far East. .

My teachings and practice are further shaped by a vibrant personality and refined by a variety of studies in the Science of yoga + meditation, Yoga for sports and athletes, Yoga for kids, Myofascial Release, Yoga Medicine®, TCM, Qi Gong, 5 element Seasonal Flow, Sivananda, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin + Forrest yoga; Functional Anatomy, Hands-on Adjustments,  Acupressure, Ayurvedic studies, Meditation, Breathwork, Numerology, Astrology + Reiki. 

I practice yoga applying methods, insight and theories from these influences that have proved to be effective and are alive in me.

I teach yoga with a blend of these influences to enable students to experience their practical benefits in our modern lifestyles while remaining rooted to the teachings of Hatha yoga + Patanjali’s 8 limbed philosophy.

Bec’s YOGA Teaching Style

I believe a yoga practice is a great tool for a balanced body + mindset that guides us towards a+ purposeful life. And the best part is, it is available for everyone.  This I am passionate about and nothing delights me more than sharing it in the mountains throughout the seasons.

Over the last 10 years I have developed a style of yoga that supports and compliments mountain sports and mountain lifestyle and keeps us tuned into the seasonal mountain energies.  I call it ‘Mountain Yoga’.

Mountain Yoga uses the tools of Hatha yoga (8 limbs) and lessons from Nature, the 5 elements and cosmic cycles to support us physically and energetically for our mountain activities + lifestyles.

I also trained as a snowboard instructor under the Canadian system (in 2009) + I continue to apply teaching methodology from Snowboarding on the mat to enable improved skills and awareness on the snow.

For me, Yoga + mountain sports are interconnected + co-exist such that my interest and passions + work remains rooted in mountain wellness in support of mountain sports + lifestyle 

Our mountain yoga practice in winter time goes by the name of  ‘Snowga’ practiced mainly indoors with on-snow events as the weather permits.

In summer time we tap into the power of Nature and Mountain vibes by taking our practice outdoors in awesome mountain locations.

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