7 Nutrition Tips to boost your health

1. Ignore the Low Fat approach.  Eat real fat. Your body needs it. “Full-fat” needs a re-think. It’s filling not fattening. Here are some good ones – peanut butter – avocado – oily fish – nuts & seeds.

2. Decrease your sugar intake.  Be aware of high sugar content in refined and processed foods.

3. Do eat protein with every meal. It balances your blood sugar levels and helps growth and repair on a cellular level.

4. Do eat 5 – 7 portions of vegetables a day (look to the palm of your hand for an idea of a portion). Try adding some vegetables to every meal – some spinach in your strawberry and banana smoothie. Why not snack on a veggie when your peckish like celery, cucumber, carrot, pepper, mange-toute or make a veggie juice.

5. Do Hydrate. Drink plenty of water. It is likely that we are rarely properly hydrated and need more hydration across the nation.

6. Avoid any products containing Aspertame. It’s addictive and toxic and is widespread. Found in artificial sweeteners, low fat yoghurts, soft drinks of the diet or zero variety, crisps of the sweet and spicy variety.

7. Avoid plastic containers for drinking water or storing food. Use glass instead.  Never use plastic or cling-film to heat food or drink. Avoid buying food in plastic packaging especially in warm conditions.  Plastic contains “pcbs” which are toxic,  cause hormone disruption and are linked to serious health problems and disease.  Pcbs are released when plastic is heated.  Do use glass instead.

All Nutrition Tips from Rebecca Nelmes.

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