Balancing Act

What is “BALANCE”?

Nothing in the natural world exists in isolation there’s always a yin/yang effect and an ever changing flow between opposites.  Light/Dark or  Hot/Cold  or Wet/Dry or Movement/Stillness or Growing/Shrinking or Day/Night or Stressed/Relaxed or Acceptance/Resistance etc

We can only truly know and experience something if we have an awareness of it’s opposite force and that’s where the concept of balance comes in.

Balance is a steadiness despite the tension between ever-moving opposites….  I like to think of balance being an energetic force in its own right.  We feel its force everywhere! Trying at all costs to find stability and balance within our multi layered, dynamic world.  From the cycle of nature through changing seasons to politics, economics, trade, commerce and social welfare.  On an individual level we feel the force of balance in play in our relationships with ourselves and others, in our attitudes and expectations, in our health and not least in our emotions.  Approaching balance with lightness and humour always helps….

Start by taking the time to assess the key areas in your life and think of wee shifts that you can make in each to help feel more balanced. Key areas might include:

Health and fitness?

Move more? Try new things? More discipline? More consistency?

Intellectual life?

New skills – Books – Languages?

Social life?

Relationships? Staying connected? Keeping it real?

Parenting life?

Be a better support? What values do you have that you’d like to pass on? What kind of role model are you?

Financial life?

What do you have? What do you really need? Planning for future?

Work life?

Giving your all in work hours – but not beyond?…. defining the boundaries? taking a break?

Spiritual life?

Caring for yourself? Self Awareness? Comparisons or expectations of others? Seeing the bigger picture?


Values? Beliefs? Restraints? Motivations? Communication style? Type of person you are or want to be?

There are so many layers to our lives! Is it any wonder we sometimes feel like we’re a little lost.  Are you spreading your energy and time in a balanced way? There’s a wholeness to life even when it feels unbalanced, so as the momentum continues with this thing called Life, we have endless chances to re-gain a sense of balance….. So take them – you got this.

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