Bec Loves de Mamiel – Altitude oil

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You don’t need to live at altitude to appreciate this hand blended elixir.  An inhalation essence to clear the head, lift the mood and keep the bugs at bay.  I use this in yoga class to promote breathing and generally delight the senses and I never leave home without it.

Altitude Oil

“The products have been created using the ancient principles of Chinese medicine along with modern scientific research into how ingredients interact with our bodies. Each product is hand crafted and contains the purest natural and organic ingredients which have been carefully sourced for their unique potency. All of our blends are individually created to capture the energetic, skin nourishing properties of plants”

Bec also loves de Mamiel’s unique seasonal facial oils to bring your skincare in line with seasonal changes.  Face oils for winter, spring, summer and autumn are blended just in advance of the season for your skins changing needs.

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  1. Since being introduced to Altitude Oil I have been using it on a regular basis especially in winter when I’m driving sniffiling, coughing tourists from the airport to Resorts and it really helps me to avoid catching all their bugs.

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