Bec loves Food – Nutrition with Rebecca Nelmes

Who is Rebecca Nelmes?

My sister’s bestie from their university days. This beautiful Becs is an outdoorsy Yorkshire lass who grew up on an arable farm, drove tractors, rode horses and knew too well the perils of snakebite and black. Her career in the oil industry took her to London where she embraced a city lifestyle and white wine but having started a family over 10 years ago she switched up her career in order to find a better balance between work and home life. Becky loves food! And Becky loves talking about food! This together with her love of sports and outdoor pursuits made for an easy transition into the field of nutrition – sports nutrition being her main focus. She is driven to share her passion to help others better understand how they can improve their well being through the power of food. She simply loves the reward that comes with the ability to help people improve their health and quality of life through nutrition.

What motivates Becky to eat healthily?
In her twenties she frequently suffered from low energy and found herself leaning on off-the-shelf “energy vitamins” to take the edge off fatigue. You know the ones, barocca, ginseng, guarana, proplus….. “I used to simply accept my fatigue. But then I began to question it. I then realised and experienced the relevance of good vs poor nutrition and all things changed. I realised that what I ate and drank had a direct impact on how I felt – my energy levels – my skin – my mental health – and my kids too. Yes our lives are hectic and we are time pressured but I no longer accept that fatigue is something I should just try and get along with. I now know how to eat so as not to be tired.”
Becky encourages us to question how we feel, our energy levels, our moods, our mental health, our skin and over all physical condition. She suggests that in exploring our nutritional needs, we can find the key to feeling and looking good.

How important is our diet?

“Diet is soooooooooo important – We are what we eat” In fact she says “We are what we absorb. The good stuff and the bad stuff are absorbed in the process of fuelling the body. We are what we eat on a cellular level. Improper nutrition means we are unsupported on a
biochemical level which results in poor function and imbalance in our body’s systems”. Becky recognises nutrition, exercise and adequate rest to be the cornerstones of optimum health. All three need attention in order to maintain or improve our health.

What’s Becky’s approach to health and nutrition?
“One size does NOT fit all” Becky emphasises that we all function differently and that there are so many variables impacting on our individual nutritional requirements. Further individualised by external restrictions such as ethical values, geographical location and what’s in season she takes great pride in helping people to improve their health, achieve their goals and enhance their sports performance by supporting them individually in balanced healthy nutrition.
Becky uses functional testing to help assess and individualise clients’ needs. In collaboration with various laboratories she is able to verify vitamins and omega fatty acid levels and deficiencies, adrenal function and stress hormone levels, as well as gut health, cardiac function and more. Never has it been easier for us to get wise, heal ourselves and optimise our health.

For Becky it’s also about finding a balance in eating food that’s good for us and eating food that is delicious. “Healthy food and delicious food are not mutually exclusive” says Becky. There’s a common misunderstanding that to fuel the body with supportive and nourishing meals means to compromise the palate. Becky takes great joy and pride in concocting delicious but good for you meals. Watch out for recipes and tips in future blogs – yummy AND healthy? Yes please!

This is Becky’s website PhytofitnutritionUK

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