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Bec Black Yoga Teacher - loves nature

Sometimes I feel like throwing my feet up in the air! In these parts you can always count on views.

Feels great to stretch the legs on long mountain hikes and breathe in the cool fresh air and admire Mother nature.

Feels good to stretch my mind too. Pondering while hiking. Observing the impact we have on our natural surroundings. Stomping around and leaving our mark in the form of erosion, destruction, construction and disruption.

Season to season I can’t help but notice changes to our mountain environment.

In the Alps the glaciers are sick. The cycle of seasons are less predictable year on year. Snow levels aren’t thrilling and artificial snow making is high on the agenda.

Thats just from a powder hounds perspective… Surfers have plenty to tell of our oceans too.

We take more carbon from Earth than we can replace. Tapping from all our natural resources. Deforestation, industry, consumerism, waste. And despite carbon offset efforts it remains unsustainable. Our modern age footprint is real. Seems that we are trampling all over Earth and interfering with its natural cycles of balance.
We all play our part in this. Albeit some more than others.

We are dumb if we don’t realise and even dumber if we don’t care.

We are powerful beings which is great but we are addicted to power which is irresponsible. We have developed a super dependence on natural resources to keep us fed, comfortable, flash, fully charged and mobile. On roads by air and by sea.

While we all need natural resources to live, we can be more sensitive to nature and take a look at how we live.

Like any addiction we start by accepting that we have a problem.

“We are humans and we are fucking with our habitat”

Be more aware.  Educate yourself.  Be accountable.  Make educate choices.  Support each other. Pay it forward.

Remind yourself what you love about our natural world.  Should your lifestyle always take priority?

Get out in nature and enjoy it for what it is while pondering how you can do better.

Bec loves Nature. Do you?

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