An Interview with Natalie Fox for Surf Girl Magazine – Issue 61 December 2017

Why is yoga so good for the mountain lifestyle? Mountain culture and lifestyle is uniquely charged. We experience a powerful exchange from the interplay of human endeavours in these skyscraping landscapes. We are inspired to challenge ourselves daily with endless activities. We dig out our paths when the snow falls, we chop wood for our …

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Bec Loves Nature

Sometimes I feel like throwing my feet up in the air! In these parts you can always count on views. Feels great to stretch the legs on long mountain hikes and breathe in the cool fresh air and admire Mother nature. Feels good to stretch my mind too. Pondering while hiking. Observing the impact we …

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Meditation Explained

What is Meditation? Meditation is an experience. It is a state of being to be practiced and experienced. Minds are moving things. They are designed to move. It’s good to recognise that.  Our heads are constantly processing a lifetime of information derived from our memories, perceptions, experiences, sensory knowledge, beliefs and familiar understandings and thoughts.  All …

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Balancing Act

What is “BALANCE”? Nothing in the natural world exists in isolation there’s always a yin/yang effect and an ever changing flow between opposites.  Light/Dark or  Hot/Cold  or Wet/Dry or Movement/Stillness or Growing/Shrinking or Day/Night or Stressed/Relaxed or Acceptance/Resistance etc We can only truly know and experience something if we have an awareness of it’s opposite …

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NOW is where it’s at

pause + Take the time to simply be in the moment Now – that’s a way to ride the ups and downs of life and it’s not limited to sitting cross legged, eyes closed with mudra in hand. What ever you’re doing – immerse yourself in the moment. Surrender to be just there, doing just …

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Voyage of Discovery

Refresh your outlook by travelling out of your comfort zone The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new lands but in having new eyes > said the moustached French gent – Marcel Proust.  Fresh eyes change how you view your world, helps us get along better and thrive.  Travel is a sweet tool to …

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Mind Games – Perspective

Everything you see, hear or experience is specific to you. You create your reality by perceiving it that way – so says the theory of quantum physics. And Buddha said the same. We all have our own unique perception influenced by past experiences, beliefs and expectations. So then, maybe even the smallest altered perceptions can …

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