NAMASTE is an ancient sanskrit greeting still in everyday use in India and Nepal. Usually said with palms joined, in front of the heart and with a gently lowered head. Simply put it’s a humble greeting straight from the heart – it recognizes and honours the equality of all. Translated roughly, it means <The light …

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Bec Loves Jacques

Had a few good chatz with this fine ole skier – 81 yrs – Jacques Pourbaix – out for a ski before he heads back to Brasil to pursue his current passion – kite surfing. He reckons you set your own limits…..and for him age isn’t one of them……dream your dreams to live your dreams…. …

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Bec loves Tea

Could Tea be the Heatlhiest drink on Earth? I love it when it’s T o’clock! The power of a cuppa tea is recognised in many cultures from the Brits to the Chinese, Japanese and Indians. Could our stresses and struggles be soothed by simply supping on a wee cup of tea? Tea comes in all …

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Wise up – Inner Peace

Inner peace is a principal goal of the wise. Life can be a tough passage and for some more than others we are all struggling and suffering to varying degrees but I think to seek inner peace whatever the weather is a profoundly beautiful and powerful aim. And besides I want to become wiser.  While there are …

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Salute to the sun

You don’t need to be an ardent yogi to do sun salutations – Practiced regularly they bring a wealth of health and fitness benefits and raise energy levels making you FEEL GOOD.  Many yoga postures mirror the natural world (Cat, Tree, Mountain, Eagle) and a sun salutation is no different. This is the theme: Imagine …

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