What is Fascia?

If you come to my classes you will have heard the F-word frequently because there is an element of Fascia-focus in most of my classes or 1 to 1 sessions. So what is Fascia + why does it matter? Fascia is a type of connective tissue that is only recently studied + understood in fields […]

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Retreat to the Mountains

History is full of leaders and changers who withdraw to the mountains to tune-in to their inner compass, to learn and grow and re-emerge with purpose perspective and direction. Refreshed, inspired, enlightened, empowered, energised…… Teaching yoga in the Alps through the seasons is such a humbling and rewarding role.  Our mountain yoga community is truly

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Bec Loves Nature

Sometimes I feel like throwing my feet up in the air! In these parts you can always count on views. Feels great to stretch the legs on long mountain hikes and breathe in the cool fresh air and admire Mother nature. Feels good to stretch my mind too. Pondering while hiking. Observing the impact we

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