Voyage of Discovery

Refresh your outlook by travelling out of your comfort zone The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new lands but in having new eyes > said the moustached French gent – Marcel Proust.  Fresh eyes change how you view your world, helps us get along better and thrive.  Travel is a sweet tool to …

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Mind Games – Perspective

Everything you see, hear or experience is specific to you. You create your reality by perceiving it that way – so says the theory of quantum physics. And Buddha said the same. We all have our own unique perception influenced by past experiences, beliefs and expectations. So then, maybe even the smallest altered perceptions can …

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Bec loves Tea

Could Tea be the Heatlhiest drink on Earth? I love it when it’s T o’clock! The power of a cuppa tea is recognised in many cultures from the Brits to the Chinese, Japanese and Indians. Could our stresses and struggles be soothed by simply supping on a wee cup of tea? Tea comes in all …

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Wise up – Inner Peace

Inner peace is a principal goal of the wise. Life can be a tough passage and for some more than others we are all struggling and suffering to varying degrees but I think to seek inner peace whatever the weather is a profoundly beautiful and powerful aim. And besides I want to become wiser.  While there are …

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