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Winter Balance – Sankalpa

How was your January? Often it feels like the longest month. Spent waiting for pay-day, for some waiting for snow. But if we used it wisely and anchored to the down-time it may have made the year ahead flow in our...

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Meditation Explained

What is Meditation? Minds are moving things. They are designed to move. It’s good to recognise that.  Our heads are constantly processing a lifetime of information derived from our memories, perceptions, experiences,...

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NOW is where it’s at

Take the time each day to simply be in the moment Now that’s a way to ride the ups and downs of life. And it’s not limited to sitting cross legged, eyes closed with mudra in hand. What ever you’re doing –...

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NAMASTE is an ancient sanskrit greeting still in everyday use in India and Nepal. Usually said with palms joined, in front of the heart and with a gently lowered head. Simply put it’s a humble greeting straight from the heart...

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Salute to the sun

You don’t need to be an ardent yogi to do sun salutations – Practiced regularly they bring a wealth of health and fitness benefits and raise energy levels making you FEEL GOOD.  Many yoga postures mirror the natural...

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