Winter Balance – How to make the Festive Season work for you

Hello Winter! December is here marking the seasonal change, its wintertime (in the northern hemisphere).  It’s cold. The ski resorts are opening and the mountains are transforming coated in their winter blanket. The holidays are coming. Festive times of Yule bringing people together and another annual cycle comes to a close. Winter Balance To stay …

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Vinyasa Yoga Explained

What is Vinyasa Yoga Vinyasa Yoga is a style of yoga that is practiced linking conscious breath with dynamic fluid movement.  A number of Yoga postures (Asanas) are linked together in a sequence which flows together A little bit like dance.   The breath is controlled and directs the timing and co-ordination of the movement in …

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Spring Balance – Sankalpa

Winter balance called for us to recharge, to FLOW without resistance and to managing how we expend our energy. In contrast, Spring Balance calls for us to GROW. To move beyond our comforts and reach beyond our pre-conceived limitations with renewed hope, love and imagination. Planting deep rooted commitment(s) or intentions to self – Sankalpa …

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Meditation Explained

What is Meditation? Minds are moving things. They are designed to move. It’s good to recognise that.  Our heads are constantly processing a lifetime of information derived from our memories, perceptions, experiences, sensory knowledge, beliefs and familiar understandings and thoughts.  All this, processed along with our day to day activities, makes for a busy chaotic mind. …

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NOW is where it’s at

Take the time each day to simply be in the moment Now – that’s a way to ride the ups and downs of life and it’s not limited to sitting cross legged, eyes closed with mudra in hand. What ever you’re doing – immerse yourself in the moment. Surrender to be just there, doing just …

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