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Vinyasa Yoga Explained

What is Vinyasa Yoga Vinyasa Yoga is a style of yoga that is practiced linking conscious breath with dynamic fluid movement.  A number of Yoga postures (Asanas) are linked together in a sequence which flows together, a little...

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Vinyasa Flow through the Seasons

Seasonal Flow Each season has an energetic direction and quality that we can adapt to and align with. These days, more than ever, we drive modern lifestyles of unnatural pace and means.  But we are still natural...

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Spring Balance – Sankalpa

  How was your Winter? Ready to set some goals for Spring? If we used it wisely and anchored to the down-time it may have made the year ahead flow in our favour…. Did you feeling an alignment to the rhythm and pace of...

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Meditation Explained

What is Meditation? Minds are moving things. They are designed to move. It’s good to recognise that.  Our heads are constantly processing a lifetime of information derived from our memories, perceptions, experiences,...

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NOW is where it’s at

Take the time each day to simply be in the moment Now that’s a way to ride the ups and downs of life. And it’s not limited to sitting cross legged, eyes closed with mudra in hand. What ever you’re doing –...

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NAMASTE is an ancient sanskrit greeting still in everyday use in India and Nepal. Usually said with palms joined, in front of the heart and with a gently lowered head. Simply put it’s a humble greeting straight from the heart...

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