A great challenge in winter is to try and mirror the qualities of water to help find balance.  Water mirrors the natural energies in wintertime – so they say in the East. So be a water baby? Be like water? Eau yeah!  Flowing with ease around obstacles and always finding a level place….. I like that approach. Taking the time to sit down and tune into the inner compass with nothing to do and nowhere to be – just for 10 mins – like floating on water in between sets – sitting on chairlifts in between runs – there’s a nourishing quality to being in that space. For a water connection be near water – streams, rivers, oceans, snow, have a bath…..  Observe the ocean of space between your busy thoughts. Be present and you may just find a level ground. It takes time – it takes practice – it takes willpower to withdraw. But those wee sits produce a space to pause from the exhaustive pace and process it all for a more productive day.  So dive in.


A great winter yoga practice involves gentle flows to deepen your practice with repetition and ease.  Practice regular forward bends and backward bends to focus on the kidney and bladder meridians because the water organs – kidney and bladder- are looking for love at this time of year.  Keep the low back warm and drink lots of water to help stay in balance this winter and why not take time to deepen your bhujangasana (cobra pose) and paschimottanasana (seated forward bend).Screenshot_2016-02-07-19-03-07-1

They say fear and anxiety are the water emotions which may be pulling you back if you’re out of whack at this time of year.  If that rings true for you, practice deep breathing and test your courage as much as possible to bring you back on form.  Snowboarding helps me to face my fears and feel brave – then that transfers into other aspects of my day. What a winner! Is there something you love to do that makes you feel brave?  Maybe back bends on your yoga mat?! Do that to help balance the emotions.

Be a water baby – be more like water this winter.