Eat – Sleep – Ride – Repeat

Eat, Sleep, Ride, Repeat

3 Foundations of Health

Eat – Sleep – Ride – Repeat. Sounds like a slogan for a perfect day in my world!  But in fact, this phrase helps me to keep it real.

To me it’s a reminder of 3 key foundations for health.

We must eat and hydrate to nourish ourselves for fuel.

We must exercise to promote the proper function of our body’s systems and for our mental well being

We must rest and de-stress so the body and mind can recover, rebuild and repair.

All 3 parts combine to give us the means to staying alive.  It’s nothing new but it’s the same old challenge –  managing each day to find a balanced approach to nutrition, rest and exercise.

There’s plenty of information and expertise out there when it comes to nutrition, exercise and wellbeing.  But let’s not get too distracted or bamboozled by it all. Remember the simplicity emphasised by our slogan – Eat – Sleep – Ride – Repeat.  All 3 combined – and in playful ways.  They are each inter-related and equally important if we want to thrive.

We can’t exercise our way out of a bad diet.  A super-food diet can’t undo the candle burning at both ends.  Remember this and avoid become a single focussed approach to a diet, weight-loss programme or fitness regime. All 3 should feature in a balanced way .

Doing activities that we enjoy helps us de-stress while we raise the heart rate – plenty of fresh air helps us sleep – eating good food helps us feel good and motivates us to make healthy choices. There’s no need to micro-focus on what you weigh or how you work-out. I’ve never owned a gym membership, I don’t diet or skip on dessert and I have been known to burn the candle… doesn’t sound promising but yet I am thriving.  

Try this EAT and HYDRATE consciously for fuel and nourishment – Have 7-8hrs SLEEP a day and relax and destress regularly – RIDE boards, bikes, mountains, waves, the ups and downs of life… Move with nature.

Perhaps a little over-simplified – lucky for us there is another Becs on side to help guide us with our nutrition. Rebecca Nelmes

Here’s 7 things Becky thinks you should know and do to keep you and yours well fed and healthy.

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