Mind Games – Perspective

Everything you see, hear or experience is specific to you. You create your reality by perceiving it that way – so says the theory of quantum physics. And Buddha said the same. We all have our own unique perception influenced by past experiences, beliefs and expectations.

So then, maybe even the smallest altered perceptions can alter your reality….!

Athletes push boundaries and break records with creative visualisation and positive affirmations not just physical training. They go over it all in their mind and they believe they can do it.  Snowboarders throw down stunts in their minds many times before it becomes a reality.

So a positive mindset can alter a negative reality? At the very least, ask yourself this each morning in the mirror <How do I perceive myself?> Most Awesome you’d say!…. and <How good do I expect this day to be?> Most Excellent I’d suggest!  See if this altered perception creates a little more positivity in your days.

There’s a cost to not believing in yourself don’t you know. Self-doubt makes you feel unworthy of a most excellent day – it pushes goodness out of reach – opportunities may pass you by – good luck may go over your head – landing sweet tricks may elude you – and life’s little blessings may remain a mystery…..

Have a most excellent day – in my perception – you’re worth it!

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