Mountain Yoga Retreats

Where is the ultimate place to retreat + find balance?

A place where grounding stability meets sky-scraping inspiration….

A place where there is an abundance of space and time……

A wilderness place of untethered nature….

To The Mountains of course!

We all need to take time out from our busy lives to rebalance. We can do this simply through regular measures in mindfulness or we can make a deliberate get-away to invoke a health kick, new perspective or a deep reset.

The mountains impose such a varied impression on us making it the perfect environment to ground us into presence, reconnect with nature + recalibrate ourselves.  With over 20 years of presence + experience in the French Alps Bec can guide you to your perfect Mountain retreat experience with her local knowledge + connections.

You don’t need to imagine how incredibly nourishing it is to take a break with yoga in mountain nature! You can experience it for yourself!

Contact Bec Black to learn about organised wellbeing events, retreats or activity holidays happening in the mountains this year or simply add mountain yoga sessions, workshops or events for you + your group while on holiday.