Pursuit of Balance – Yin vs Yang

Pursuit of Balance

21st Century Yang- Bang. It baffles me how we humans have made huge discoveries and advancements – using mechanics, technology, science – and despite all the effort and incredible achievements, we still haven’t discovered a way to exist in harmony.

We can be a bountiful diverse collective of people in a diverse and bountiful planet. Respectful of our natural space despite our conflicting interests. That would win us some Yin in our lives to help us re-balance. So why have we not figured it out yet? What’s with this relentless yang-bang?

Are we yet to figure out what matters most and the things that we don’t really need?  Do illusions of modern day comfort and success distract us from tapping into our inner fountain of wisdom.  There’s always a bigger picture –  and we all do our bit to paint the canvas.

Jimmi Hendrix had a point – “when the power of love overcomes the love of power – then we will have peace”. Perhaps we all need to do our bit to redress the balance – Take the time each day to be present and take our focus inwards.

Whether it be yoga, meditation, golf, fishing, dancing to your favorite tune or riding waves or snow-covered mountains – do something to immerse yourself in the moment and surrender to be just there, doing just that, without any other motive or goal. Anything that brings your awareness inwards.  Because this modern day outward pursuit of wealth and possession, power and success, on knowing it all and having it all at any cost is having deep side effects. A ripple effect of…..discontent….. segregation…… emptiness…… fear..…. corruption….. violence….. inequality…. immorality…… injustice….. climate change…. inbalance.

Does it have to be that way?…. Can we rise above it? …. Balance the ripple effect with a bountiful yin-ward inward pursuit of knowledge and power?…..  Imagine the possibilities…..

Outdoor activities in nature are often described as spiritual experiences – surfing, snowboarding, skiing, riding bikes, climbing rocks, open water swimming, sailing etc. All involve a work out.  All involve passion and love. All involve total immersion in the now.  There’s nothing else going on in my mind while I drop in on a wave, or a snow covered face, or a sweet yoga flow – how liberating – how connected – just for those moments

But you don’t need to be doing gnarley outdoor pursuits to get a work-in experience – just get involved with who and what you love – focus all your 5 senses into that – for as long as it takes to discover a timeless immersion.  Add fresh air and nature where-ever possible – a teaspoon of fun – and play your part to re-dress the balance.

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