Dolphin point - Vadakanal Western Ghats

Dolphin point Vattakanal Tamil Nadu

Peace is a principal goal of the wise. Life can be a tough passage and for some more than others we are all struggling and suffering to varying degrees but I think to seek inner peace whatever the weather is a profoundly beautiful and powerful aim. And besides I want to get wise. 

While there are many lessons and methods for peace seekers from yoga, philosophy, religions, buddhism, native cultures, psychology, and mindfulness and switching the telly off,  I like to ponder on this….<Sukha> is the sanskrit word for pure happiness – contentment – bliss.  It literally means <aperture> or <opening> like a camera lens through which everything is viewed from a neutral uninvolved place.  <Dukkha> on the other hand is the sanskrit word for unhappiness – stress – anxiety – suffering.  Literally it means a <dirty hole> No,  not that kind – more like the hole in the axle of a wheel which when clogged with dirt makes for a bumpy ride.   

Being a keen amateur photographer I can relate to the concept of Sukha.  Looking through the lens, if I don’t like what I see, I can change my position or perspective but I can’t alter what I see through the lens – it is what it is – and I can accept it without resistance even if it’s not a good view.  Similarly, drawing on my memories of erm rollerskating, I can relate to the concept of Dukkha – I can keep the wheels well oiled and regularly clear out the dirt to make for a smoother skate.  Over time I learn what type of conditions clog my wheels and roll with it. Perhaps I can avoid the cloggage or roll through it and suffer the sketchy ride.   It helps to remember where the dirt comes from.  There are 3 key sources – dirt that we put on ourselves – dirt created by others – dirt caused by environmental forces or the unknown.  Although most dirt often feels out of our control, we can try and control how we respond when the wheels are clogged. Particularly the dirt that comes from ourselves like our insecurities, fears, shame, anger, lies and grief that we bury deep because we think we can avoid or forget.  Believe me they are clogging your skates – carry on and be a sketchy skater or take a seat – remove the wheels and view them through your imaginary lens – like a keen amateur photographer from a neutral uninvolved space – it can help in the process of clearing out the dirt.
Regular mindfulness, outdoor activities and yoga helps put us in a good space to deal with our dirt and find more inner peace. And if I need a quick fix of Sukha to lighten me up – mother nature never fails to blow my dirty mind.  So go on – get your skates on!  Wise up and chill out.


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