Winter Balance – How to make the Festive Season work for you

Hello Winter! December is here marking the seasonal change, its wintertime (in the northern hemisphere).  It’s cold. The ski resorts are opening and the mountains are transforming coated in their winter blanket. The holidays are coming. Festive times of Yule bringing people together and another annual cycle comes to a close. Winter Balance To stay …

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Retreat to the Mountains

History is full of leaders and changers who withdraw to the mountains to tune-in to their inner compass, to learn and grow and re-emerge with purpose perspective and direction. Refreshed, inspired, enlightened, empowered, energised…… Teaching yoga in the Alps through the seasons is such a humbling and rewarding role.  Our mountain yoga community is truly …

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Wise up – Inner Peace

Inner peace is a principal goal of the wise. Life can be a tough passage and for some more than others we are all struggling and suffering to varying degrees but I think to seek inner peace whatever the weather is a profoundly beautiful and powerful aim. And besides I want to become wiser.  While there are …

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