NOW is where it’s at

What is yoga?

pause + Take the time to simply be in the moment

Now – that’s a way to ride the ups and downs of life and it’s not limited to sitting cross legged, eyes closed with mudra in hand. What ever you’re doing – immerse yourself in the moment. Surrender to be just there, doing just that, without preconception, without motive or goal.

There’s a certain quality that we develop when we are immersed in the moment.  A nourishing quality that builds character, develops insight and inspires courage, confidence, and positivity.  Whether it be yoga, meditation, golf, fishing, painting, dancing or riding waves or snow-covered mountains – get involved – so involved – so completely present – moment to moment – whenever you can.

Being present is like a pit-stop in the race of life. A pit-stop that refreshes the connection to body, mind and spirit and puts us back on the circuit in a better condition than before.  While pit-stops take time, they are necessary to stay in the race. So avoid breakdowns – pause, refuel, replenish and get real. The time is NOW.

Breathing exercises are a great way to get you in the moment so there’s no surprise that breath-work is a key tool in yoga and is applied in competitive sport, performance arts, and thought management to enhance focus and be present.  Real time with your life line – exercising your breath.  Every living person can do it – intelligent breathing. Yoga really is for everyone – not just the bendy. So get involved and make it fun!  

Since you’re in watching mode here’s a flash visit to a Snowga class (intermediate)  – Relax the shoulders, breathe in and out of the nose and lengthen each breath while you watch. Namaste!

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