Vinyasa to Nature's Rhythm

Seasonal Energy

I love watching nature’s response to the changing seasons – every time – it just never gets old.

Likewise I love watching the subtle but very apparent influence that changing seasons have on us.  When we mirror the qualities and energy in season we can tune into the a collective rhythm and feel more balanced and energised in ourselves.

Despite all our advancements, drive and technology dependence we remain deeply influenced by the changing qualities of nature in seasons.   A simple but genuine guide to help us make the most of our energy management and lifestyle choices throughout the year.  We are all seasonnaires.  It’s nice to be conscious of it and balance along-side the energies in season.

What is Seasonal Vinyasa

Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, TCM, Acupuncture, Ayruveda etc have been field tested for centuries and remain prominent today as complimentary medicines to our modern approaches. The key principle they share is to treat a human body and mind as a reflection of the Whole. ie we are the micro within the macro and so the laws of nature are applied to diagnose, treat, balance and heal.

So by adapting and aligning with the rhythms of our natural environment we can repair, heal, feel more steady, content and in a state of flow – just like the natural world achieves season to season, year up on year.  Like this…..

  • In Spring Energy rises, we grow or expand in the Wood or Air element season.  So in Spring we are inclined to cleanse from our winter hibernation – to plan, grow, be creative and develop on our insights from winter.
  • Summer is full bloom or action time – the Fire season.  A time to do and perform on full power – take risks, experiment and explore – showcase your talents and do more of what you love.
  • Late summer brings us back down to earth to feel centered and harvest the growth of spring and summer. Slowing it down and checking in to see how far you’ve come. A time to assess your efforts and build structure to support and nourish you – a time to be good to yourself  – it’s the Earth season
  • In Autumn we apply insight from late summer to identify things that hold us back or are no longer are needed.  It’s the Metal or Ether season – a time to cut-back and simplify like the shedding of autumn leaves and relying back to our roots in preparation for winter.
  • In Winter we slowdown – hibernate – rest and reflect – contemplate and go with the flow like water.  Nature is still and restorative displaying the qualities of yin in preparation for the next cycle of seasons or ‘Vinyasa’  to start again

This approach can be applied to all areas of life.  From how you eat and exercise to how you help your children learn and grow to how you run your business.

Practice seasonal yoga – It just makes perfect sense! Do yoga that mirrors the qualities and energies of nature through the seasons.

Tips to align with Natures Rhythm

Use your natural instincts and ancient wisdom as a guide to identify with the natural rhythms of the seasons. Notice the subtle effects on our state of being.

  • Are you going on a juice diet in winter? when your energy is at its lowest? Spring or summer would be better.
  • When should business owners review their staff / contracts / assess efficiencies? Late summer of course.
  • When should a business implement change….? Maybe summer when energy is high and people are more able to take risks and step out their comfort zone.
  • The naughty step may work for the little ones in winter but in summertime? maybe chores would work better  to apply that excess energy.
  • When to give up smoking or drop a bad habit or toxic relationship? In Autumn! The time to shed, refine and uncomplicate your life…

Apply this approach to your yoga practice.

Winter – A great time for restorative or yin practice.

Spring – new awakenings  – kundalini and detoxifying practice.

Summer – full power explore playfully with new or more challenging poses like arm balances, splits, inversions or step it up with ashtanga or power yoga.

Late Summer – returning to centre and strengthening your connection to self.  A more core focussed and steadying practice.  The perfect time for a daily self practice applying the form built up over summer for a satisfying concentrated practice to compliment your own needs.

Autumn – Tough decisions time – a great time to practice pranayama (breathing exercises) and focus the mind on refining your practice.

Practice seasonal yoga – mirror the energy in season.   It can cultivate an awareness and energy in our lives that goes with, not against, the flow of nature. We are natural beings after all…..