If you practice yoga with me you will already know that I prefer to refine my yearly resolutions throughout the whole season of Winter.

Setting intentions for how we want to move through the year is a great practice and if you know what you want go ahead craft those intentions and make those resolutions. If you’re not clear on what you really want, the only New Years Resolution I promote is to practice intentional MINDFULNESS over the course of Winter. This creates a fertile head space to reflect, imagine and create meaningful intentions and resolutions for the year.

Busy lifestyles and commitments may make it difficult to meet our natural, restful winter rhythm so here are 3 Winter resolutions to help us be efficient with our energy and help us tune-up, rebalance and restore for the seasons to come.


Take time daily (5-10mins) to BE STILL conserve energy and feel into your space with your 5 senses – inside and out. Any time, any place, anywhere whenever the opportunity arises. On the chairlift, in the shower, before bedtime, during lunch-break, in the car waiting to pick up…etc.   and/or


Practice FEELING PRESENT and aware of how you feel in your body and mind in ad hoc situations. Teeth brushing, eating breakfast, waiting in line, commuting to work etc.  Become practiced at moment to moment awareness so it starts to become familiar and easy to be in the moment with all your senses attuned to simple spacial awareness (inside and out)


Practice Gratitude – before going to bed each night bring to mind circumstances of the day (eg. experiences, connections, opportunities, insights) that shaped your day and mentally note each with appreciation and thanks – even if it wasn’t a good day – search for fresh perspectives that you can be grateful for.  This can help induce clarity of mind and induce a restful sleep as well as grow an attitude of contentment

These Winter resolutions allow us to tune-in to winter vibes, slow down and puts us in a position to evaluate and to FEEL what inner changes we want to make to enhance our lives.  If you have already imposed on yourself New years resolutions which have begun to crumble, why not replace them with these simple and mindful resolutions.

Winter Insights

After a few weeks of winter mindfulness you may start to notice new and interesting thoughts and ideas derived from your mindfulness practices.  The more you do it, the more insights you gather. The more insights you gather the more you will have to reflect on. Note down your insights experiences and reflections for the best results.

Pondering specific questions through the Winter reflection process can shape specific and measurable resolutions (‘Sankalpa’) that are more likely to run the course of time.

Here are some SUGGESTIONS as to WHAT TO ASK YOURSELF that have been tried and tested to reveal a clearer picture as to what positive changes, action, ambitions you want for the year ahead.

Q & A – Self Inquiry

Sit with some (or all) questions perhaps once a week and take note of your responses, insights or lack of, throughout winter. 

There are no correct or incorrect responses. The idea is to simply collate patterns of thoughts, without giving it too much thought. Note down any recurring feelings or random insights coming to you over the weeks of inquiry.

(Tips – Try not to try too hard to find answers. Responses need not be logical. Free thinking often doesn’t make immediate sense. Let your imagination go wild. Do the Q&A after a yoga practice or Winter Mindfulness so that you’re already in the vibe)

How do you want this year to feel?

What do you want more of in 2023 in terms of quality of life?

Is there a wish that you keep wishing?

Is there a marker or synchronicity that keeps catching your attention?

Is there a dream you keep dreaming?

Is there a strong desire in your heart?

Can you engage with it? Can you discern its relevance? Give it a voice? Bring it to life?

What were the main personal or collective observations, learnings + lessons of 2022?

What strengths, skills or insights can you expand on as a result of last years experiences?

What held you back that you don’t want to bring forward into 2022?

Is there a sense that a new path or opportunities may be opening up?

Is there a potential new opportunity, journey or change in approach to embark on?

Can you imagine where it might take you?

If  yes can you engage with it / speak to it / discern how to bring it can come to life?

KEEP A JOURNAL for review over winter and keep adding to it as you ponder away. Note down anything that comes to mind (or lack of as the case maybe).

Do not settle for logical or cerebral responses – this is not a test – it is an adventure. Allow for your inner wisdom to speak up. (If your answers are ordinary and make perfect sense they are probably from the head not the heart!)

Inner wisdoms will start to develop and be seen clearly to form your intentions. Intentions that derive from our depths instead of surface improvements or goals which don’t reflect our talents, voices, creativity and intuitive minds .

By the end of winter, you will be more than ready to form heart-felt ‘Sankalpa’ – resolution – commitment – determination that supports us to become or do what we truly feel is right for us in the year ahead.

More on ‘Sankalpa’ as Winter begins to fade. Keep an eye on the Blog for more.

Feel free to connect with Becs to keep it real and true. It’s a solo adventure but it can be nice to share our experiences to help see the bigger picture.

Happy journeys into Winter Balance x

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