Protune Rainbow

To my mind, the true transition from Autumn to Winter occurs with the Solstice – this year it falls on 21 December. The celestial start of Winter! (or Summer for those south of the equator).

The solstice happens twice a year in June and December. In Summer it marks the day when the sun appears highest in the sky giving to us our longest day. In Winter it marks the day when the sun appears lowest in the sky and gives us our shortest day of the year.

For a few days surrounding Solstice, the Sun has a wee pause along its celestial path (as viewed from Earth). It appears to stop before reversing direction hence the name ‘Solstice’  derived from Latin meaning the ‘Sun stands still’. So take some time out from the festive pace and allow yourself to stand still – or better yet, take a seat.

Winter Mindfulness

Use the long dark nights around the Solstice for some quiet inward reflection on the past year.

Reflect inwards:

Be curious as to how you may have changed or developed over the last year.

Review the key milestones, events, actions, achievements, failures

Acknowledge who you find there – the complete picture – the good the bad and the ugly.

Take insight:

Notice any residual feelings from all the highs and lows.

Notice the mental treasures and  fallout that comes with it all in equal measures.

Avoid overthinking, dwelling on the past, comparing and micro analysing so you can take a broad view

What lessons have you learned from last year?

Find closure:

Take a broad view and mindfully amputate any ongoing struggles so you can evolve with all your achievements and all your disappointments.

Make space for the new emotions, new opportunities, new struggles new vibes.

Wipe the emotional slate clean before going forward into winter.

Accept it all without resistance.  Allow yourself to let it be.  Trust that fresh new vibes are born from the darkness.

< …When you lose touch with your inner stillness 

You lose touch with Yourself.

When you lose touch with yourself

You lose yourself in the World… >

Ekhart Tolle

Winter Manifest

Follow the sun – it’s a crucial step in to stay in balance this Winter.

Take the time to reflect, pause and stand still with your solstice mindfulness. Then use the month after the Solstice to manifest with dreamy dreams. Perhaps as the Suns power manifests and grows on us, so too will our dreams manifest and come to life…..

Insist on 10mins of daily stillness to let your inner compass re-calibrate in line with your imagination and be better able to direct yourself to a lighter brighter year ahead.

Light a candle every morning to symbolise the transition towards longer days and shorter nights.  Watch the flame as you start your day and imagine it lighting up your imagination.

Contemplate, imagine, visualise and empower your hopes and potential for the year ahead.

Let yourself to dream. Big open-minded dreams…..forget about logic – just dream….

What would you love your dream year to feel like? look like? be like?

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