The word ‘Yoga’ derives from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ meaning ‘unity’, ‘yoke’ or ‘combine’. It reflects the concept of balance. A clear and simple directive – focus on yourself as a whole (body mind and spirit) and develop that 3-way connection in order to thrive – to feel whole despite our limitations.

What is yoga?
Rajastans holy town – Pushkar – the birthplace of Brahma the god of gods in Hindu mythology.

Yoga has ancient roots. Born in Indian culture over 2000 years ago. Today there are many different representations of Yoga – so many “types” of yoga and mindfulness available in multiple medias – such that it’s not always easy to get the point.

Often misjudged – a cult thing? or an eastern import packaged for profit? or just another hot-body exercise program? or manically mystic with new age sparkles? or for the bendy narcissists instafame?

As with many things in this spiritually deficient world, the very essence of yoga can be lost, misunderstood or warped.  It’s so important to me in my practice and teaching to find a balance. To develop and share the tools of yoga – but to keep it real – for application to our modern day lives.

Because despite the passage of time yoga remains 100% relevant today offering a means to improve health, clarity of mind and inner calm. It enables an emotionally stable existence despite the stress of responsibilities and conflicts arising each day.

It keeps us physically and mentally strong, flexible and healthy.

Basically, the best version of you… so you can weigh up your options daily, make balanced choices and live a fulfilling life. Who doesn’t want that?

Yoga is not a religion. Religion defines what a person should believe. Yoga is a science – a means for self discovery so you can discover for your self.

You know that subtle intuitive feeling that there’s more in you and your life than what you have a handle on right now…..? Yoga addresses that feeling. It’s a systematic collection of knowledge, theories, techniques and guidance. Each are capable of being studied, tested, sampled, verified and experienced individually – and the results are extremely persuasive – a lighter, brighter, more present, fitter, healthier, calmer, self-aware version of you.

Look for a class or discipline that helps you take a look at yourself as a whole and makes you want more and more and more…. and you will discover an appetite for inner knowledge – to better know yourself and make the best of yourself.

Seasonal Yoga in Bourg Saint Maurice

So find a good teacher that you relate to – Go to class – Do yoga – Breathe deeply – Meditate – Get involved.

Yoga is for everyone – not just the bendy – so let’s get involved!

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